9th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

September 20 - 27, 2014, Venice-Istanbul
The local organizing committee wishes to thank all participants for a very successfull conference!

You can find some of the images in the gallery. Additionally, you can download plenary lectures' presentations as well as all the presentations from the panels.

Please beware of invitations for publishing from journals not related to the conference! Official invitation will be distributed only from the sdewes conference email, and will have a conference header and an option to accept or decline the invitation.

For all attendees who have submitted a full paper which is included in the proceedings, please cite it as follows:

N1. Surname1, N2. Surname2, other authors, Title, Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, SDEWES2014.nnnn, 1-m (2014)
(where "nnnn" is your submission code and "m" is the page count of your submission)

If you attended the conference, make sure you log in into the conference system and fill our post-conference survey.
Bizztravel's Useful information


Embarkation begins at the time indicated on your cruise ticket. Check-in closes 1.30 hour before the ship is due to depart, except for American ports where check-in closes two hours before the scheduled departure time. For some destinations, it is possible to check-in on-line on the website www.mscwebcheckin.com.


www.mscwebcheckin.com has been created to help ensure you get off to a flying start, speeding you through the embarkation process. Just switch on your computer and begin your voyage. It only takes a few seconds to enter the data from your identity documents and cruise ticket online! Check-in online in 4 simple clicks:
1. Visit the www.mscwebcheckin.com site at least 48 hours prior to sailing;
2. Insert your booking information and you will find a personalized section to complete;
3. Fill in the compulsory fields relating to personal data and documents, then save the operation;
4. Print the documents to be attached to your ticket.
Please note that all passengers in the same cabin will need to register at the same time. At embarkation, follow the indications for MSC WEB


The service is available in the following ports of embarkation: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bari, Civitavecchia, Copenhagen, Genoa, Kiel, Marseille, Naples, Palermo, Valencia and Venice. All guests of the MSC Yacht Club (on board MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia) will find an exclusive check-in desk and will be assisted with their luggage by the butler team at the terminal, who will escort them to the dedicated line for priority check-in. On request, the butler will also unpack guests’ suitcases. On embarkation, passengers should do as follows (in the order specified):
a) Deliver luggage to the designated staff, who will then have it sent directly to the passenger’s cabin. All bags should be labelled beforehand with the passenger’s name and surname, the name of the ship, the cabin number and the date and port of departure.
b) Go to the check-in desk with your cruise ticket and all personal travel documents required for your cruise.
c) After the document check, passengers will receive a Cruise Card. This is a magnetic card used for on-board payment of excursions, bar bills, laundry, in-cabin service, hairdresser, beauty centre, duty-free shops, photographer and service charge. To activate purchasing with the Cruise Card, passengers must either register their credit card or leave a cash sum. Personal cheques are not accepted. The following credit cards can be registered on-board: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners, JCB and American Express. This CASHLESS SYSTEM is valid on all ships.


In the on board casinos, guests may gamble up to a maximum of €2,000 per day if they have activated their Cruise Card by registering a credit card. This limit may be extended subject to approval by the shore side Casino Operations Department. Guests who choose to activate their Cruise Card with a cash deposit, on the other hand, may gamble up to the amount available on the Cruise Card.


For cruises including flight connections, passengers should check in at the airline check-in desk at least two hours before the flight. On arrival at the international destination airport, passengers will find cruise assistance and transfers to the port.


1. 1. United States: International travellers who are seeking to travel to the United States are now subject to enhanced security requirements. All eligible travellers who wish to travel to the U.S.A. by air or sea under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must obtain an electronic travel authorization prior to boarding a carrier. To check which countries participate in the VWP and for any further information, please visit the website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/
2. 2. Egypt, Morocco and Gibraltar: For minors travelling to these countries, please consider that the “Birth Certificate with travel abroad authentication” and the “Identity Certificate for children” are no longer considered valid. Children under 15 years of age must therefore:

  • possess their own passport, or
  • be included in their parent or a guardian’s passport, or
  • possess another valid identity document for travelling abroad.
The information provided is up-to-date at the time of going to print; for the latest information and all other questions regarding travel documents and visas, please consult your travel agent.


Europe: EC Regulation 1889/2005 states that: “Any natural person entering or leaving the Community and carrying cash of a value of Euro 10,000 or more shall declare that sum to the competent authorities of the Member state through which he is entering or leaving the Community in accordance with this Regulation”.


Guests are encouraged to limit their luggage to one checked-in suitcase per person, which should not exceed 75x50x29cm in size and 30kg in weight, and one piece of hand luggage per person, which should not exceed 55x35x25cm. Prams and wheelchairs are always admitted. All luggage is to be kept in the cabin. Please be sure to bring your luggage tags necessary for embarkation in your hand luggage and attach them when you arrive at the embarkation port. Please note that valuable luggage travels at the passenger’s own risk. Passengers are advised to carry any medicines, documents and other similar personal belongings in their hand luggage.


International airline baggage regulations subject luggage to size and weight limitations; the relevant allowance should be confirmed at the time of booking. Airlines reserve the right to charge a supplement for excess luggage. MSC Cruises accepts no responsibility for issues arising during airport departure or arrival. As a safety precaution, security staff may search a passenger and/or his/her luggage and confiscate any articles that the Company considers could risk the safety of the passengers, crew or ship (such as arms, diving knives, kettles, irons). On board, staff reserves the right to remove any beverages present in passenger baggage. These will be returned the evening before disembarkation. Passengers are not permitted to bring unpackaged food on board.


Passengers with physical or mental disabilities are referred to Clause 7 of the Booking Conditions. The Passenger warrants that he is fit to travel by sea and by air and that his conduct or condition will not impair the safety or convenience of the vessels, aircraft and/or the other passengers. Any passenger with a condition that may affect fitness to travel must submit a doctor’s certificate prior to booking. Without this certificate, boarding may be prohibited. Any specific transport and/or lodging and/or assistance needs must be communicated at the time the reservation is made, and are subject to availability. Ships are not equipped with specialized rooms/equipment/medical assistance. Pregnant women must, at the time of booking, produce a medical certificate from a doctor confirming their fitness to travel on board a cruise ship for the period of the cruise and for the actual itinerary. In any case, MSC Cruises cannot accept a booking by, or carry, any guest who will be 24 weeks pregnant or more by the end of the Cruise. MSC Cruises is not in any way responsible for any consequence resulting from a passenger’s inability to travel, whether or not this inability is evident. No refund or indemnity is owed to any passenger who cannot begin or continue the trip due to their own inability.


All of our ships have a well-equipped Medical Centre, supervised by a doctor and medical personnel. The Medical Centre is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Program. Emergency services are available around the clock by calling the Medical Emergency number. While the range of medications held on board is comprehensive, they may not satisfy your precise personal needs, and for this reason, we always suggest that Guests carry a supply of their own prescribed medicines. Charges will be made on board for medical services. These charges are displayed in the Medical centre and will be debited automatically to your Cruise Card.


Passengers are advised to consult their National Health Service prior to the cruise for information regarding recommended vaccinations. MSC Cruises declines all responsibility for passengers who do not adhere to the recommendations on the prevention of infectious diseases.


Safety Drills and Briefings are held at the beginning of your cruise to ensure your familiarity with the safety equipment and evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. Their importance cannot be overemphasised. Safety Drills are held upon embarkation from main cruise ports, while Safety Briefings are conducted for all newly-embarked guests joining the cruise in secondary ports. The Safety Drills are conducted in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) and involve the entire crew and all the guests. Since the aim of the drills is to practice the evacuation procedure, guests are asked to fetch their life jackets from their cabins and go to their assigned Muster stations just as they would in an emergency. Once there, they receive additional safety instructions and information. All MSC guests embarking in secondary cruise ports are likewise requested to attend Safety Briefings, fetching their life jackets from their cabins and being taken to their Muster Stations. The Safety briefings provide full information on the safety equipment and procedures, including the Guests are informed of the schedule for the drills both in the daily programme and over the ship’s public address system shortly before they are due to commence. In addition to these Safety Drills and Briefings for our guests, the crew also conduct a general emergency drill every week, including a fire simulation, evacuation and abandon ship drill with lifeboats. This ensures they are fully prepared for any eventuality. All our Safety Briefings and Drills are fully compliant with the strict requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). At MSC Cruises we’re totally committed to your safety and peace of mind, constantly reviewing our drill procedures to ensure the greatest possible clarity and safety, while working transparently to the highest standards.


The crew on most MSC Cruises ships is made up of between 30 and 40 different nationalities. While English is the working language on all ships, as well as the International Safety Language, guests will find that many other languages are also spoken by our staff. After English, the most widely used languages on board are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French, followed by Bahasa-Indonesian, Malagasy, Tagalog, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Latvian.


To take advantage of the privileges reserved for MSC Club members during the cruise, all you need is an MSC CLUB CARD. Just bring your MSC CLUB CARD with you and register your membership number at the reception on board. For further information or assistance please consult the MSC CLUB INFO POINT on board or speak to the Future Cruise Consultant or the Guest Relation Manager. Once the cruise is over you may check your MSC CLUB points using the MY MSC AREA of the website www.msccruises.com. To find out about the advantages of joining the MSC CLUB and how it works, please visit the website www.mscclub.org.


Dining times are based on the geographical location and itinerary of the ship and are indicated in the Daily Program. Breakfast is served in the ship’s restaurants and at the Lido Buffet. Continental breakfast from Room Service is delivered to cabins on request on all mornings except the day of disembarkation. This service may be requested using the doorknob order form provided in the in-cabin directory or by calling the Reception desk. Lunch is served in the restaurants and at the Lido Buffet. Grill is open at the Lido Buffet from noon to midnight on MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Divina. Also Pizzeria is open at the Lido Buffet during this time except for MSC Divina that closes around 6:00pm. Afternoon snacks are served at the Lido Buffet. Dinner is served in the restaurants in two sittings. As an alternative to the seated restaurant, you can enjoy your dinner in the buffet restaurant. Midnight snacks are served at the Lido Buffet. The opening hours can be found in the Daily Program.

Specialty Restaurants:

Authentic “wild west” cooking and atmosphere is provided at the Tex-Mex restaurants El Sombrero (MSC Fantasia), Santa Fe (MSC Splendida) and Sacramento (MSC Divina).

For an authentic oriental evening, the Asian Fusion restaurants Shanghai (MSC Orchestra), and Oriental Plaza (MSC Magnifica) offer a variety of sushi, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Thai dishes, while the Galaxy panoramic restaurant (MSC Divina) provides delicious Mediterranean fusion cuisine and the Kaito Sushi Bar (MSC Poesia and MSC Musica) serves the richest selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura and teriyaki.

An elegant atmosphere and Italian style are the essence of our ŕ la carte restaurants, the 4 Seasons (MSC Orchestra), Il Giardino (MSC Musica), L’Obelisco (MSC Poesia) and L’Oasi (MSC Magnifica), where a simple meal becomes a great culinary experience. Dining reservations at speciality and ŕ la carte restaurants (where available) may be made with the Maitre d’Hotel or your Dining Room Waiter. All MSC Yacht Club guests (on board MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia) can enjoy a round-the-clock room service menu. Throughout the day, they will be offered a vast choice of snacks served by butlers in the Top Sail Lounge and The One Pool. A fully dedicated restaurant is also available with free choice of dining times and a first class menu designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate. In addition and exclusively for MSC Yacht Club guests, traditional English Tea will be served daily in the Top Sail Lounge each afternoon.


Most special diets can be catered for on board, but only if requested at the time of booking. Kosher menus are available if requested at least two months before the departure, while Halal menus are available on itineraries in the Mediterranean, South Africa and the Middle East. MSC Cruises works closely with the Associazione Italiana Celiachia (Italian Celiac Association) to provide gluten-free menus in the main restaurants of MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia, cruising in the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe. On MSC Preziosa, MSC Lirica, MSC Opera, MSC Sinfonia and MSC Armonia, guests can find prepackaged gluten-free products such as snacks, biscuits, croissants, sponge cakes and muffins.


Not only our exquisite gourmet dining but also our bars can be considered a “journey within a journey”. The beverage offering on board the MSC Cruises fleet is the fruit of careful selection and hard work by a team of experts who are passionate about their job. In order to offer our clients a unique and memorable drinks experience, we have developed 12 different themes:
- Coffee Bars, where guests can enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic Italian café.
- Cigar Rooms offering a range of fine spirits that is matched by the elegance of the surroundings and that will satisfy even the most sophisticated connoisseur.
- Martini Bars, featuring an exclusive selection of Martinis, presented with flair by our personnel, who display their Martini-shaking skills at the guest’s tables in the lounge.
- Beer Bars, with over 20 labels, so beer lovers from around the world can find their favourite lager, ale or stout, as well as flavoured beers and cider.
- Customized drinks menus have also been prepared for our Sports Bars, Vitamin Bars, Wine Bars, Spa Bars, Tex-Mex Restaurants, Oriental Restaurants, Galaxy Restaurant and, naturally, for the MSC Yacht Club. For wine lovers, we have created three different lists: first, a selection of 140 wines for the standard restaurants, designed to satisfy the requirements of our international clientele; secondly, a list for the Wine Bars comprising 90 highly characteristic Italian and international labels; and thirdly an exclusive selection for the MSC Yacht Club. All food, drink and related services not included in the cruise price shall be paid at the end of the cruise. A 15% bar service charge will be added and detailed in the final bill. No tips are therefore required for bar and restaurant staff.


MSC Cruises respects the needs and desires of all guests, and we have given careful consideration to the preferences of both those who smoke and those who do not. In line with global standards, smoking areas are generally fewer than non-smoking areas, but smoking is freely permitted in specified areas throughout the fleet (selected mainly on the basis of increased or modified air extraction). Smoking is not generally permitted in any food service areas (buffets and restaurants), medical centres, child-care areas, corridors or elevator foyers, areas where guests are assembled in groups for safety exercises, disembarkation or tour departures, public toilets, or in bars directly near areas where food is served. Smoking in all cabins is highly discouraged, and because of the specific and proven risk of fire, smoking on cabin balconies is not permitted at any time. Smoking is permitted in several bars on each ship, and on one side (indicated by signage) of the principal outdoor pool deck areas, where ashtrays are provided. Guests are advised by the Cruise Director and in the Ship’s Daily Program to avoid throwing cigarette butts over the side of the ship, where they could be blown back on board and start a fire.


A wide selection of the best brands is available from the Duty & Tax free shops on board: clothing, beauty and perfume items, jewellery, film and photographic equipment (MSC Photo) , glasses, suntan lotion, tobacco and spirits, as well as a variety of products with the MSC logo. All ships have hair and beauty salons, a sauna and massage suite, gym, laundry and photographic service. Prices are published on board. All guests of the MSC Yacht Club (on board MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia) can enjoy private shopping opportunities, exclusive viewings of selected jewellery in their suite and personalised delivery of purchases to their suite.


Casual wear is advised for life on board ship and for the excursions. For informal evenings, we recommend summery dresses for women and a lightweight jacket for men. For the Gala evenings and Parties you may wish to dress more formally, we suggest a dark suit for gentlemen and an evening dress for ladies. For those few formal evenings, cocktail dresses for the ladies and a lightweight suit, or even dinner jacket for men. It is advisable to have a sweater or shawl handy to be prepared for the changes in temperature between the air-conditioned interior of the ship and the deck areas. For excursions including visits to religious sites we advise appropriate clothing (covered knees and shoulders, no low-cut tops).


Sunbeds are available at no charge to passengers. They cannot be booked, and guests are kindly requested not to occupy deckchairs and sunbeds with personal items during any long absences (more than 30 minutes). Beach towels are available around the swimming pools. These should be returned after use. Unreturned pool towels may be charged to the on-board accounts of guests.


Each evening a detailed program for the following day will be delivered to your cabin. It contains full information on the activities and entertainment to be presented by the entertainment staff.


On board guests can use the state-of-the-art fitness area. During the cruise there may be bridge, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and shuffleboard* tournaments, pool games, song festivals, treasure hunts, quizzes, fancy dress parades, beauty contests and many more activities. Spectacular international shows will take place in the theatre and professional musicians will entertain you in all the lounges of the ship. (By prior arrangement with the Cruise Director, some on-board musicians may be hired for private functions.) Our on-board casino features the most popular attractions found in casinos all over the world, with games for players of all abilities. Try your luck at the slot machines or on the blackjack, roulette and poker tables. Feel the rush of adrenalin as you wait to see if lady luck is on your side.
*except on-board MSC Magnifica


We give special care and attention to children. Dedicated entertainment and activities are arranged for children from 3 years of age in the Children’s Centre. Children’s programs, divided into specific age groups, are printed daily and available in the Mini Club. Children’s entertainment is organized into four distinct age categories:
- Mini Club, for children from 3 to 6 years;
- Juniors Club, for children from 7 to 11 years;
- Young Club, for children from 12 to 14 years;
- Teenagers Club, for young guests from 15 to 17 years.
All entertainment activities, both for younger guests and for adults, are conducted in all on-board languages to cater for all needs. Children’s activities are not restricted to the Mini Clubs and may take place outside, in the Teen Disco or around the pools. The Mini Club remains open at all ports of call to provide supervised activities and entertainment for children aged 3 years and over whose parents or guardians have chosen an MSC excursion. What’s more, adults booking an excursion that keeps them away during lunch can rest assured their children will be accompanied to the buffet by members of our entertainment team. Parents and guardians are kindly invited to present their excursion ticket at the Mini Club the day before the excursion. Parents are asked to prevent their children from roaming the ship unaccompanied. Please note that no babysitting service is available.


The “Teen Card’ is a prepaid card exclusively for our younger guests. Children and teenagers under 18 can use the card for whatever they want to buy, and also as the key to their cabin. Available in €30.00 and €50.00 versions, these easy to use cards are a convenient way to give teenagers a taste of independence. Depending on the card selected, you will receive an additional bonus of €5.00 (with the €30.00 card) or €10.00 (with the €50.00 card). To purchase a Teen Card, just complete the form you receive during check-in, and hand it to a receptionist in the foyer. Additional forms are also available at the Information Desk). The card will be delivered directly to your cabin. Please note that the Teen Card is non-refundable, therefore any credit remaining on the card at the end of the cruise will not be reimbursed.


A full program of Shore Excursions is available to purchase on board. The excursions offered during the cruise are optional and provided by independent third party contractors. A charge is applicable. Excursions are charged directly to your on-board account and final payment can be made in cash, by credit card or by traveller’s cheque. Please note that:
- Excursions cannot be cancelled once reserved. In case of illness, a medical certificate issued by the doctor on board is required to qualify for a refund. The certificate is valid for one person only.
- Excursion itineraries and prices may be subject to change due to cost variations and contingencies without prior notification by MSC Cruises. - An excursion takes place if the minimum number of participants is reached. In the event that the minimum number of participants is not reached, the excursion may be cancelled and money refunded. Some excursions have a limited number of participants. If by any chance, only the minimum number of passengers is booked for an excursion, groups of passengers of different nationalities and/ or languages may be required to travel together in the same coach.
- The price includes transport, visits to sites and/or museums, meals and drinks as detailed in the description of each excursion.
- MSC Cruises is not responsible for any changes to the program resulting from local holidays, days that sites are closed and/or any other local events that completely or partially preclude the original itinerary. The excursion programme and timings (departure/return) will be confirmed on board during the cruise.
- Unless otherwise indicated, onshore excursions will be conducted by coach.
- Passengers are requested to wear appropriate clothing for visits to religious sites (covered knees and shoulders, no low-cut tops).
- Excursions including visits to archaeological sites, long sections on foot or hiking may not be suitable for passengers with disabilities or walking difficulties. Passengers may request private tour a arrangements where available. It is advisable to check the feasibility of excursions before booking.
- For Beach Tours, swimming towels and bathing suits are advised.
- Some archaeological sites, museums and places of interest charge supplements for the use of videos and cameras. These extras are not included in the price of the excursion; further details will be given on board.
All guests of the MSC Yacht Club (on board MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia) can, by simply contacting their Concierge, enjoy personalized land excursions via chauffeur-driven limousine; hire car or mini bus (reservations, availability and prices on request).


During your cruise, you will meet staff throughout the ship who provide you with excellent service.
They are supported by just as many staff and crew who work hard behind the scenes to ensure you enjoy every moment on-board. For your convenience MSC Cr uses will automatically add a daily Hotel Service Charge to your shipboard account, based on your chosen itinerary and the number of days for which the services are actually provided. The Hotel Service charge serves to ensure we maintain the highest quality standards of service to our guests. The daily amounts below have been calculated with this in mind and cannot be modified. However, should you wish to remove any of the daily Hotel Service Charge in the unlikely event that you do not receive satisfactory service, you may do so by contacting the Guest Relations Manager on board. If you wish, the daily Service Charge for your cruise can be added to the price of your cruise at the time of booking, rather than added to your on-board account during the cruise. Please let your booking agent know if you would like to add the Service Charge to your cruise price.

MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.

Bar Service Charge
A 15% Bar Service Charge is automatically added to all purchases.


The following services are charged as extras:
Photographer, casino, video games, 4D cinema (MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia and MSC Magnifica) and F1 simulator (only on MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia), golf simulator (only on MSC Sinfonia), bowling (only on MSC Splendida and MSC Magnifica), internet stations, hairdresser, barber, beauty salon, Turkish bath, sauna and massages, laundry and ironing. A golf practice facility is available on MSC Musica. Minigolf is available free of charge on-board MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera, MSC Lirica, and MSC Armonia. Post office: mail can be taken to the on board Information Office who will provide the necessary postage (which will be charged to the passenger) and pass it to our local representatives for mailing. Telephone, fax and e-mail services are available at the rates displayed on-board.


An on-board Photo Service is available throughout your cruise. Professional photographers will capture the highlights of your cruise both on board and ashore, and record anniversaries, and other special moments. You can view their work at your leisure in the Photo Gallery. The Photo Manager will also be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Our photographers can also create portraits of high quality studio backgrounds or setting up at key locations throughout the ship, such as the Grand Staircase. No appointment is required. All portraits will be displayed in the Photo Gallery and are available for you to purchase during the cruise. Video DVD Service a dedicated team of skilled videographers is on hand to video special events during the cruise. They also accompany guests on excursions, capturing the memorable places visited on video. At the end of each cruise, the team produces a special video record of your cruise on DVD, which may be purchased at the Photo Gallery. Retail Products a wide range of products to satisfy all your photographic and video needs can be purchased in the Photo Gallery. As well as films, batteries, there is a wide selection of digital cameras and video cameras at duty free prices. Our photo team is available to offer advice, answer your questions and help you select the right equipment for your needs and budget.


If you are an avid Internet user, you can continue surfing the web during your cruise by connecting to the Internet with your laptop or PDA. Just connect to the ship’s network, available via a wireless connection in all common areas of the ship; on MSC Divina the wireless network is also available in all cabins and suites; on other ships you can connect to the internet using the cable available from the Information Desk, following the instructions provided on the home page to register. To access the hot spot service, just select the amount of credit you require and it will be charged directly to your on-board account. It is also possible to rent a laptop from the Information Desk (only on MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia). For MSC Yacht Club Guests, this service is available free of charge from the Concierge Desk. Details and offers available will be posted on the Daily Program.


Internet services are just a click away. In the Cyberlibrary (MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia) and Internet Point (MSC Melody) you can use the browser just as you would at home. Just follow the instructions found on the home page to register and select the amount of credit you require. The amount selected will be charged directly to your on-board account.


Your Cruise Card will also allow you to access the Internet. At the Internet Cafe you can stay connected with the world by using the Internet browser, just like you would at home. The service is subject to the rates displayed on board.


Electricity on board all ships is supplied at a voltage of 110/220 V in the cabin. Passengers may request electrical outlet adapters from the Information Office. Please note that no heat-generating devices (like electric kettles, bottle warmer for babies, electric blanket, etc.) are allowed on-board.


Safe deposit boxes are provided in all cabins. The Company assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of money or valuables stored in the cabin, in luggage or left unattended.


With MSC Cruises you can live out your romantic dream in a way you’ll always remember. Contact the MSC Wedding Planner via your travel agent or directly at the ship’s Reception area to arrange a symbolic ceremony on board to celebrate your wedding, renew your vows or simply declare your love.


For cruises in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Red Sea and Antilles as well as southbound transatlantic cruises departing from Europe the on-board currency is the Euro (€). For cruises in the Caribbean, South America and South Africa, as well as transatlantic cruises going to Europe, the on-board currency is the US Dollar ($).


From July 13th, 2009, MSC Cruises has been supporting an innovative UNICEF programme to combat poverty and inequality by helping ensure disadvantaged children in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo gain quality education. Guests are also invited to “get on board for children” and make a difference by offering a modest donation of as little as €1.00 (or $1.50), which will be added to the bill at the end of the cruise. This small offering, valid on all ships in the MSC Cruises fleet, is of course optional. Passengers may freely decide whether to increase, decrease or cancel it, communicating their decision to the Accounting Office before 22.00 of the last day of the cruise. This Office is at guests’ disposal for fur their information. For your convenience, should you give no indication to change the amount the sum of €1.00 (or $1.50) will be automatically debited to your final account. For more information, please read the informational brochure left in every cabin or visit http://www.msc-unicef.org .


No animals are allowed on board, apart from guide dogs. Bringing guide dogs on board is, in any case, subject to approval by the company and must be requested by the passenger when booking.


We ask our guests to not to throw anything into the sea and to work with us to safeguard the sea, marine life and the ecosystem.


For security reasons, visitors are not permitted on board.


MSC Cruises has a special arrangement with a car park at most ports of embarkation. There is a charge for this service. Guests are advised to phone in advance for reservations.